Senior Structural Design Engineer.

Work Type: Full Time

T.H.E Architects, Planners & Civil Engineers, Inc. is a premier architecture, planning and civil engineering firm in the Middle East. We are currently seeking a talented structural engineer to join our team 

Job Responsibilities:

  • Leading and overseeing the design and analysis of complex structural systems for buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure projects. This involves utilizing advanced engineering principles, software tools, and industry best practices to develop efficient and innovative structural solutions. 
  • Taking a leadership role in managing structural engineering projects from start to finish. This includes creating project plans, coordinating with multidisciplinary teams, overseeing project budgets and schedules, and ensuring that deliverables are met within specified timelines and quality standards. 
  • Providing technical expertise and guidance to junior engineers and team members. Senior Structural Engineers are expected to mentor and train less experienced staff, review their work, and provide constructive feedback to ensure the quality and accuracy of project deliverables. 
  • Ensuring that all structural designs and construction practices meet relevant building codes, regulations, and industry standards.  
  • Implementing quality assurance and quality control processes to ensure the accuracy and reliability of structural designs and deliverables. This includes conducting thorough reviews, inspections, and verifications of design calculations, drawings, and specifications. 
  • Providing on-site support during construction, conducting site inspections, and resolving structural issues that may arise. Senior Structural Engineers may collaborate with contractors and construction teams to address design clarifications, modifications, and unforeseen challenges during the construction phase. 
  • Staying abreast of emerging trends, technologies, and best practices in structural engineering.  
  • Preparing comprehensive technical reports, feasibility studies, and documentation related to structural design and analysis.


  • A bachelor's or master's degree in civil engineering.
  • 3+ Years of experience in the same field.
  • strong project management skills, including the ability to plan, organize, and coordinate complex architectural projects, are necessary.
  • very good knowledge of (Office-BIM-Revit- Sap-Etaps-safe).

industry: Engineering 

Job Type: Full-Time Employment

Working Conditions: Sunday- Thursday 

Days Off: Friday- Saturday

Location: Dokki

Experience Level:
Mid - Senior Level
Sub Department:

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