Interior Desgin

Work Type: Full Time
Overview: As an Events Designer at our wedding planning agency, you will play a pivotal role in
translating clients' visions into captivating and unforgettable event experiences. Your
responsibilities will encompass creating concepts, visualizing designs, collaborating with various
teams, and engaging with suppliers to ensure the seamless execution of events.
Key Responsibilities:
• Take detailed briefs from the sales team, understanding clients' preferences, themes,
and specific requirements for each event.
• Create innovative and tailored event concepts that align with clients' visions, ensuring
that each concept reflects the desired atmosphere and experience.
• Develop comprehensive mood boards that encapsulate the aesthetic, style, and
thematic elements of the event concept, providing a visual representation for clients'
review and feedback.
• Prepare engaging presentations to effectively communicate and visualize event
concepts, ensuring client understanding and approval.
• Upon concept approval, liaise with the Operations team to communicate technical
specifications and ensure a seamless transition from concept to execution.
• Engage with suppliers on technical matters, ensuring that all event elements are aligned
with the concept and meet the required standards.
• Communicate costing details to the sales team, providing transparent and accurate
information for client proposals and budgeting.
• Collaborate with 3D designers to translate event concepts into detailed 3D plans,
enabling clients to visualize the event space and design elements.
Qualifications and Skills:
• 3+ years experience as an events designer or in a similar role within the events industry.
• Proficiency in design software and tools to create visual representations of event
concepts and 3D plans.
• Exceptional creativity, attention to detail, and the ability to translate abstract concepts
into tangible visual experiences.
• Strong communication and presentation skills, with the ability to effectively articulate
and visualize event concepts to clients and internal teams.
• Demonstrated ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams and engage with
external suppliers to ensure seamless event execution.
• A keen understanding of event operations and technical requirements to effectively
communicate specifications and ensure a cohesive event design.
Additional Information:
• This role involves working closely with the sales team, operations team, and external
suppliers to ensure the successful execution of event designs.
• Flexibility and adaptability are essential, as the role may require occasional on-site
coordination during event setup and execution.
Experience Level:
Mid - Senior Level
Sub Department:
Marketing and Advertising

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