Mechanical Site Engineer

Work Type: Full Time

T.H.E Architects, Planners & Civil Engineers, Inc. is a premier architecture, planning and civil engineering firm in the Middle East. We are currently seeking a talented Mechanical Site engineer to join our team .

Job Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with project managers and other stakeholders to develop project plans, including timelines, resource allocation, and budgets.
  • Conduct regular site visits and inspections to monitor the progress of mechanical installations, equipment, and systems. Identify any issues or discrepancies and take appropriate corrective actions.
  • Possess a strong understanding of mechanical engineering principles and standards. Provide technical expertise and guidance to project teams, contractors, and subcontractors to ensure compliance with design specifications, regulations, and industry standards.
  •  Review and evaluate mechanical design drawings, specifications, and calculations prepared by consultants or contractors.
  • Implement and oversee quality control procedures to ensure that mechanical installations and systems meet the required standards. 
  • Collaborate with other disciplines, such as electrical, civil, and structural engineers, to ensure effective coordination and integration of mechanical systems with other project components. 
  • Analyze and troubleshoot mechanical issues that may arise during the construction phase.
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date documentation of project activities, including site reports, progress reports, and inspection records.


  • A bachelor's degree in Mechanical engineering.
  • 2:5 Years of experience in the same field.
  • Previous experience in Design HVAC or plumbing ( Hospital, admin buildings) .
  • Well organized and efficient, able to prioritize and handle multiple tasks.
  • Good analytical skills and problem-solving.
  • Excellent in using AutoCAD + Revit + h.ap + Elite.

industry: Engineering 

Job Type: Full-Time Employment

Location: Dokki

Experience Level:
Entry Level
Sub Department:

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