Senior Structural Engineer

Work Type: Full Time
We are looking for a junior structural engineer to join our engineering service - based company. Our goal is to have someone who provides the highest quality of structural drawings with a perfect and efficient usage of BIM technology join our continuously-evolving team! 

Job Description:

-To handle project shop drawings, as well as coordinate drawings between different disciplines and assist site engineers in clarifying and resolving any technical problem that could arise during the construction caused by designs.

-Study the project contract documents (time schedule, project design drawings, BOQ, etc.).

Prepare shop and coordination drawings (or composite drawings) based on the project’s design drawings inaccurate with quality standards.

-Update the shop drawing log before sending the shop drawing to the consultant for approval.

-Study and prepare requests for information (RFIs) for all missing, unclear, conflicting, or other technical matters that may arise during construction.

-Review sub-contractors. shop drawings as well as outsourced shop drawings and coordinate their approval process with the project consultant.

-Participate in solving / reporting any unexpected technical difficulties, and other problems that may arise during construction to the Technical Office Manager for discussion and proper solve.

-Compare the project’s architectural and civil drawings to identify any gaps or conflicts, coordinate with the Engineering Coordinator to tackle those issues.

-Conduct frequent meetings with the project’s client/consultant to coordinate the project’s structural needs and requirements, solve any problems, or clarify technical issues.

-Support and supervise Junior Shop Drawing engineers to provide technical assistance and/or review, verify, and check drawings, forms, and designs.

-Prepare technical shop drawings, whenever required, on paper and digital format that respond to set technical specifications and quality standards, and confirm to recognized procedures.

-Report to the Project Manager, on a frequent basis, the project’s technical progress and performance with regards to Shop Drawing and Design.

-Liaise with Senior Contracts & Invoices Engineer to provide relevant information needed for setting up and formulating contracts.

-Obtain and assemble all technical information, data, and drawings needed from relevant departments for full coordination of Shop Drawing across the Civil/Structure, Architectural, and Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) architectural designs.

Requirements (Qualifications, Experience, Skills)


Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering


Long experience in shop drawing - Revit (LOD 400 is a must).

At least 5  years experience in Revit is a must.

Full awareness of all design related software programs.

Excellent Communication skills.


Company Industry : Engineering Services

Work Condition : 
- Working Hours- Sundays to Thursdays from 08:30 am to 05:30 pm.
- Weekends - Fridays and Saturdays are off
- Location: 42 Al Fareek Ali AMER from Makram Ebied - Nasr City - Cairo - Egypt

Package : salary + attractive benefits
Experience Level:
Sub Department:

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