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SaaS Product Manager

Work Type: Full Time

TwentyToo seeks a highly skilled and motivated SaaS Product Manager to lead our product development efforts. As a SaaS Product Manager, you will be responsible for overseeing the entire lifecycle of our new products, from conception to launch and beyond. You will serve as the key point person, guiding the product strategy phase to the go-to-market phase, ensuring seamless functionality, and driving the product vision to completion.

At TwentyToo, we are impacting the fashion cycle by leveraging AI to predict winning products based on user behavior. Join us in our mission to help fashion businesses reduce dead inventory, enhance conversion rates, and accelerate the cash-to-product-to-cash cycle.

Job Responsibilities:
    Lead ‘business squad’ (a mix of AI, Engineering and Sales and marketing) on a collaborative roadmap.
    Lead product strategy by harnessing the collective knowledge of all stakeholders (engineers, CEO, clients) and develop cost-effective detailed requirements and features.
    Coordinate with the tech teams to increase delivery efficiency and speed.
    Become an expert in the fashion industry, customers, products and competitive landscape.
    Coordinate all product development efforts from the planning stage through development through launch and beyond.
    Organize and structure product development teams for efficient project delivery.
    Manage technological resources for short and long-term needs.
    Drive strategic direction, development, and future growth through core capabilities and partnerships.
    Collaborate with stakeholders to define and deliver new products and enhancements.
    Establish technology standards and ensure adherence to best practices.

Skills, Qualifications & Responsibilities:
    Bachelor's degree in computer science, computer engineering, programming, mathematics, or related field.
    3+ years of experience working in a technology company within a relevant department.
    Must have a knowledge of the fashion industry needs.
    Technical background with a deep understanding of software development processes.
    Experience successfully managing a product throughout its lifecycle.
    Experience in Product Design.
    Experience in increasing product ROI
    Experience in managing delivery team velocity
    Experience in research analytical skills.
    Strong background in building, scaling, and coaching tech teams, managing product delivery, budgeting, and planning.
    Track record of delivering high-quality results, prioritizing activities, and managing time efficiently.
    Good knowledge of ML/AI fields such as NLP, LLM, Computer Vision.
    Excellent communication of interpersonal skills.

Job Conditions:
    Full-time job.
    4 days working from our Maadi office and one day from home.
    Flexible working hours: You can arrive at the office anytime between 9:00 am and 12:00 PM.
    We value flexibility, hard work, and dedication to success.

Experience Level:
Mid - Senior Level
Sub Department:
software a a service "SAAS"

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