Senior Accountant.

Work Type: Full Time
Talent360 is now hiring for one of our clients "Senior Accountant" to provide financial and administrative support to ensure efficient, effective, and accurate financial and administrative operations, including processing and monitoring payments and expenses and ensuring compliance with company policies



- Maintain comprehensive and accurate accounting records for all financial transactions.

- Preparing yearly budgeting forecasts.

- Efficiently manage accounting records to ensure accuracy and compliance with regulatory requirements.

- Record receipts of withholding tax and conduct periodic reviews.

- Compile and send quarterly annual expense reports to Ataa’s Investment manager & auditors for comprehensive financial review and analysis.

- Engage in financial follow-up with suppliers, including the review and approval of documents, processing of invoices, and verification of receipts.

- Analyse quotations, financial reports, and other pertinent data to inform strategic decision-making.

- Organise accounting files both for the overall fund and for specific project finances, ensuring accessibility and accuracy of financial information.

- Maintain liquidity in the administrative expenses account and proactively conduct financial planning on quarterly to anticipate expenses and facilitate timely fund transfers.

- Accurately calculate and account for administrative and marketing expenses on a monthly basis, settling them from the administrative budget on quarterly basis.

- Review salary, tax, and social insurance accounts on a monthly basis, issuing detailed payment reports for transparency and accountability.

- Submit tax returns punctually according to specified deadlines to fulfil legal obligations.

- Scrutinize payments and payroll lists for consultants, verifying outputs against agreed-upon terms.

- Responsible for the preparation and process purchase orders and documents in accordance with procurement policies and procedures.


- Financial analysis of Programs’ grants and handling of disbursement plans.

- Collaborate with the executive director to develop financial planning strategies for upcoming projects, ensuring alignment with organizational goals and objectives

- Review and analyze potential projects’ budgets submitted for funding from applicants/ partners as well as current projects being funded.

- Maintain comprehensive records of financial settlements with partners on quarterly basis, ensuring accuracy and accessibility for auditing purposes.

- Communicate effectively with accountants of funded projects (NGOS/ Government); providing support and oversight to ensure timely and accurate completion of financial settlements.

Job Requirements

-  Bachelor's degree in accounting, finance, or equivalent.

- At least 7 years of experience in accounting.

- Deep knowledge of accounting and tax regulations.

- Preferred experience in NGOs financials.

-  Proficient in Microsoft Office applications.

-  Organized, accurate, and detail oriented.

-  Strong analytical and logical thinking skills.

Company Industry: NGO

Work Conditions:

-   Working Hours: 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM
-   Weekly Days Off: Friday and Saturday
-   Work Location: Dokki, Cairo

- Social insurance
- Medical insurance
- Performance-based bonus 
Experience Level:
Mid - Senior Level
Sub Department:

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